9 common application Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate is extremely durable materials. Polycarbonate has high impact resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance and durability for years of environmental conditions and severe weather. Polycarbonate has many advantages over glass (glass) and acrylic resin (plastic Mica, PMMA), because it is not broken, light weight and resistance to ultraviolet (UV) good. Some common applications for polycarbonate are described below:

1. Bulletproof windows:
Polycarbonate is far more durable than glass or acrylic. This makes them ideal for security applications and protection. Bulletproof windows for cars, banks and offices are made of thick or multi-layer polycarbonate panels.

2. Exposure roof:
UV filtering capabilities are important features to consider when choosing material for roofing in the region from light. Polycarbonate has the ability to block UV 99.9%, while allowing visible light to pass through. These properties make polycarbonate sheets and light ideal for such parts: Exposure roof, eaves, glass roof, skylights, car roofs, ...

3. Advertising panel:
Polycarbonate weather resistant to environmental factors and harsh sunlight. Plates can be used outdoors for many years and still looks like new. Also, considering the possibility MICA plate high impact resistance over many times. Because of these characteristics, polycarbonate panels are widely used in advertising, and most of the billboards, posters.

4. Sound walls:
Sound insulation combined with impact resistant and weather is a significant advantage of the polycarbonate. Therefore it is widely used in building walls, office partitions, government buildings and commercial buildings, residential areas or in the rails, highways.

5. Police shield:
Toughness and good impact resistance of polycarbonate is the material of choice for producing riot shields of police. The plate does not break in any circumstances, make it safer for people and the police on both sides of the shield.

6. Green house:
Polycarbonate is an ideal choice for the greenhouse for different reasons. Their optical properties allow the sunlight to pass through many for the needs of green plant photosynthesis, and filters harmful ultraviolet rays.

7. Security purposes in banks:
High security requirements in the banking institutions is inevitable. Polycarbonate used as a safety class and transparent walls for banks, both outside and inside the building. Light weight of the polycarbonate makes easy in easy transport and installation. Typically, the cost of installing the polycarbonate lower than the glass building.


8. Roof for pool:
Sheets polycarbonate roofing is suitable for swimming pools, because it has the ability to protect from the UV to the pool inside. This makes the area safer for swimming pools, and reduce the risk of sunburn and other complications from excessive exposure to the sun. In addition, weather resistant roof make use for many years without damage or aging.

9. Awnings, skylights:
With these characteristics are: lightweight, flexible, easy to install and durable weather. So polycarbonate material is used very commonly in light of the items taken in civil engineering: awnings, skylights and deck in Vietnam.