Technical Instructions

Storage instructions and installation of intelligent plastic SKYLITE

*Storage and preservation:

Not stored goods stacked under direct sunshine or rain outdoors.

Avoid contact with petrol or alkaline chemicals (shot, lime ... ..)


* Installation Instruction hollow sheet:

Step 1:Remove partially protective membrane surface along the horizontal plate from 5 - 10 cm to glue tipped splint attached plates or U. The use is limited to water and dust getting into the hollow space

Step 2: Remove partially protective membrane surface plate length plate from 8 - 15 cm for mounting into aluminum or plastic PC connection. Use Aluminum and polycarbonate Ron EPDM or work stop leaking

Step 3: Before installing roof panels and the bracket up, we need to completely remove the protective layer bottom plate surface (surface film without words and pictures). If this protective layer was removed earlier can cause scratching the surface plate in the construction process.

Step 4: After completing the installation and start screws across the entire roof section. We remove the protective film on the top plate (hand film printed with text and image). Without this step, under the effect of sunlight will be sticky coating on the plate and will affect the quality of the latter plate.

The important considerations in the process of installing of PC

*Before performing installation of panels to be calculated before the elasticity size with temperature. And require loads of comfort, to arrange suitable rafter.

*Must clean dust or cutting chips fall into empty slots of the plate after use knives or saws to cut sheet size should install.

*Only the curved vertical (pm tendon) of the plate. The minimum bend radius of 175 times fold of the sheet thickness.

*The accessories used are splints H used to link the 2 plates, splints Letter U refers to the top tube to avoid dirt into compromising the quality of the plate

*The operation when screwdriving: drilled holes are vertical and diameter > 2 mm compared to the diameter of the screw. The screw must be getting straight angle and just pressed flat into medium plate surface.

*The Ron EPDM is used or the material is weather resistant and does not affect the Polycarbonate resin (do not use PVC).

*Silicon glue used is neutral, to glues do not reduce the lifespan of the plate. Silicon glues, such as acidic Silicon can reduce the sheet quality.

*When do construction workers do not step directly on to the surface of the plate, which should use plywood lining or other instrument to avoid compromising the quality of plates.

*Use only clean water or neutral SOAP cleans the surface of the plate